Afsaneh Salari

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On an afternoon in the spring of 1994, when Afsaneh was 6 years old, her father asked her to bring him a pen. He then wrote: “I, Afsaneh, promise I will never marry and instead, devote my life to political change.“ He then asked her to sign the paper. That day, the joke turned out to be a source of stress for the girl who wanted to become an artist. As Life unfolds, Afsaneh discovered the convergence of these seemingly disparate universes. Creative documentary emerged as her language, a tool to articulate observations on a world in constant need of evolution. Reality, in all its complexity, became her raw material to craft and propose narrative. Afsaneh now wears multiple hats as a documentary film director, editor, producer and creative consultant, navigating theses intersections from her dual bases in Paris and TehranShe has a BA in film editing from the Art University of Tehran, holds a Master’s degree in Creative Directing and Cinematography from the University of Paris 8 in France, and has a Master of Documentary Directing from Docnomads joint masters.  She’s an alumnus of the La Femis documentary course, Berlinale Talents, and IDFA Academy.  Her body of work has been shown and awarded at festivals such as IDFA, Visions du Reel, Sheffield Docfest, CPH Dox and Santa Barbara among others.