Great Are the Eyes of a Dead Father | چشم‌های بیدار پدر مرده

In a picturesque French village, a poet dreams of his father’s homeland. Listening to recordings of his father’s voice, he longs for a place he never really knew.

A Creative Documentary by Afsaneh Salari

30′ | 4K | Iran-France-Germany 
World Premiere at CPH Dox 

Director and Editor: Afsaneh Salari
Producers: Afsun Moshiri (Road River Films), Hamidreza Pejman (Pejman Foundation)
Director of Photography: Mohamad Hadadi
Sound design and Mix: Ensieh Leyla Maleki
Creative Consultant: Wim Wenders
Image Post-Production: Hamidreza Fatourechian, Borna Jamshidi
Co-producer: Baptiste Bertin (La Onda)
Executive Producer: Hamedreza Izadpanah (Docmaniacs)
Supported by Wim Wenders Foundation
Sales: Split Screens

At first glance, nothing seems to be missing in the life of painter and poet Patrick Navaï, his wife Sylvie, or their musician son Yvan. They live in a medieval village near a forest in France. Their daily routine comprises painting, playing music, reading poetry and long family walks into the green hills that surround their home. However, an unfulfilled desire for belonging affects every aspect of Patrick’s life.