Sepideh Jamshidi

Sepideh was born in the heat of a spring day in a war-torn city in southern Iran. Since young age, positioning the borders between reality and imagination is a constant quest for her. This is why she strives to portray her outside reality through imaginative and poetic forms. She studied bachelor and master of social communication sciences at Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran. The subject of her master’s thesis was “the representation of delinquent women in documentary cinema”. During her studies and after graduation, she worked as a journalist and her pieces were mainly focused on women and cinema. Within her solid background in writing, she later began to work in ideation and creativity department of two of the largest advertising agencies in Iran. She now has a six-year experience as an advertising expert, a copy writer and a screenwriter. Over the last years, Sepideh focused more & more on cinematography & photography.  She participated in documentary workshops and experienced different forms of expression in documentary storytelling. She is currently working on her first documentary film. “The scent of salt” tells the story of four elderly women working tirelessly in a salt mine in south of Iran, a forgotten village at the end of the world.