On loss and resilience

Laments as embodied archives: a reflection on artistic practices of grief

  • Symposium
  •  Beursschouwburg, Brussels
  •  27.04.2022 from 10:30 to 19:00

A full day of sharing stories, space and practices of mourning through bodies, singing and gathering. As an echo to her exhibition ‘No Body’s Body’, Hoda Siahtiri brings together a community of artists, practitioners and allies drawn to and engaged in practices of lamentation as forms of knowledge sharing, condolence, release and reconciliation. As an important form of storytelling and emotional release, lamens hold a significant part of individual and collective memories. How does the body hold those memories, how to give form to the sorrow of grief, how does releasing pain become a practice of love?

The event was made by the generous contribution of:

  • Fleur Pierets, on loss and queer activism 
  • Eliana Otta, Introducing Fertilizing Mourning
  • Gabrielle Goliath, A life work of mourning
  • Bint Mbareh, Singing it out of me: Palestinian personal and collective mourning
  • oracle, Touching the Missing
  • Raoni Muzho Saleh, Moaning Mourning, Mourning Moaning, to Moan in Order to Mourn and to Mourn in Order to Moan
  • Hoda Siahtiri, Collective Vocal Practices of Grief

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