Geopoetic praxis in european diversity/decoloniality

A publication written by Hoda Siahtiri, Hari Prasad Adhikari-Sacre and Kopano Maroga

Published on Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies Journal 2020

Based in Europe three authors deploy geopoetics as praxis to position their performance art work in the current debates on race, gender and sexuality in art and academia. They speak from displacement as mode of mobility into Belgium, where they engage in decolonial work. The article unfolds a relational approach in voicing resistance. Writing from distinct translocalities they merge European, South-African, Nepali, Iranian, sexual, gendered, religious and racial geographies into geopoetics. The article navigates geopoetics as praxis through three academic-artistic practices contributing to a shared theoretical framework building on work of queer and feminist scholars. Each author dives into a different yet interconnected angle of literacy and together they propose a shared framework of voicing translocal disidentifications as geopoetic literacy.