Docmaniacs Collective




Growing up in a loving middle-class family in Tehran, my older sister Nasreen used to fill our apartment with her beautiful voice. She loved music and gave me the courage to become a filmmaker. Today, Nasreen is trapped in an arranged marriage to Mohamad, who disapproved of her singing. She’s a housewife with two kids, suffering from depression and loneliness. As she struggles with her identity, her lost passion for singing ignites–a passion forbidden to women in Iran. Filming my sister for the past seven years, this was my turn supporting her.
Nasreen takes steps towards her dream as she breaks free from her marriage. Her emancipation inspires change, not only in her children but also in me, our other sister, our mother, and hopefully our country.

Director: Leila Amini
Producers: Afsaneh Salari and Leila Amini
Editor: Audrey Maurion, Leila Amini
Estimated Date of release: 05/2024
Production company: Docmaniacs
Co-producer: Vadim Jendreyko | Mira Film

A Dok incubator project in 2023