YouYou group

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram The YouYou Group was founded in Brussels in 2014, with the support of Myriam Van Imschoot. The intention was sharing, further deepening and shaping the interest in the vocal use of the Youyou (in French) or the Zaghareed (in Arabic) and Kell (in Farsi). Since then, the group has focused […]

Vocal collaboration with Black Fuel Ensemble

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram And, forget what you don’t remember: Herbie’s dream: Hoda Siahtiri: poet & vocal Thomas van Walle: guitar Aldo De Smedt: piano Johan Schepens: percussion Jan Soenen: synth Jacque Gillet: percussion Hughes Gilles: base Dries Verheyen: audio engineerĀ