Then in the desert i lay dead

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram Where the remnants of an ancient zoroastrian village in the heart of Yazd desert in Iran, inspires a poetry of prophecy and oblivion. Experimental short by Hoda Siahtiri 9′ | August 2008 | Iran Watch the film:

Strolling along the dark side of the day

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram A poetry on the sensation of terror and fear of the invisible intruders becoming visible one day. A glimpse of a survival experience of living in everyday systematic oppression. This film is inspired by the short story “Eskandar & Samandar In Tornado” written by Gholam-Hossein Saedi. Short Film by Hoda […]

My internal and external world

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram This very short film was made as a school assignment in 2012, an exercise to illustrate a small piece of our reality at the time. Short film by Hoda Siahtiri 3′ | December 2012 | Iran Watch the film:

Brussels -1°C partly cloudy

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram Separation makes the borders of imagination and reality merge through an everyday phone conversation of a couple. Objects and sounds are representatives of absence and presence. They narrate the sensations behind the dailiness. Somebody has left and someone is left behind. The story is simple. The melancholy of the moments […]

Trees die standing

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram Due to the consequences of Iranian revolution in 1979, Iranian intellectuals had to flee from their beloved country. They mostly settled down in Paris. Challenging with the depression in exile, many of them still tried to build up a new life but mostly unsuccessful. “Trees Die Standing” shows a short […]

Love is a foreign country

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram Music video by Hoda Siahtiri and Laurent Van Lancker Music by Dirtmusic, Murat Ertel from Baba Zula and Gaye Su Akyol 2018