Great Are the Eyes of a Dead Father

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram Great Are the Eyes of a Dead Father | چشم‌های بیدار پدر مرده In a picturesque French village, a poet dreams of his father’s homeland. Listening to recordings of his father’s voice, he longs for a place he never really knew. A Creative Documentary by Afsaneh Salari 30′ | 4K […]

The silhouettes | خانه

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram A Creative Documentary by Afsaneh SalariProduced by Afsaneh Salari & Jewel MarananProduction: Docmaniacs, Cinema Is Incomplete80′ | 4K | 2020 | Iran & Philippines World Premiere: Visions du Réel 2020 | Jury Special Mention for Best Film Request preview link and At the height of the Soviet invasion of […]

Madame servante | کنیز خانم

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram Directed and produced by Afsaneh Salari HD | 20’ | 2009 | Iran   Madame Servante takes us on a journey to a Saffron farm in in Khorasan region, in Iran. Through the intimate observation of Kaniz and other young women woking from dawn to dusk, this film sheds light […]

Conversion: The guide of the skin allergy treatment

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram An experimental film by Afsaneh Salari   HD | 10’ | Belgium | 2015 Produced as part of Docnomads Joint Master’s program World Premiere: Doclisboa 2016   The constant flow of news in a seemingly apocalyptic world has emotional and physical consequences. We become faceless, literally not knowing how to […]

No mans land

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram A creative documentary by Afsaneh Salari Graduation film for Docnomads Joint Masters HD | 24’| Portugal | 2015   Camera and editing: Afsaneh Salari Production sound: Silvia Coelho Sound Design: Elsa Ferrera Color grading: Marco Amaral Supervisor: Margarida Cardoso   No Man’s Land is a place beyond the battlefield. The […]

Opaque spectacle

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram The paris Diary of Paul-Adolphe Löffler A film by Afsaneh SalariBased on Journal de Paris d’un exilé, Löffler, Paul-Adolphe, (1924-1939) The Hungarian communist, writer, journalist, and antifascist activist Paul-Adolphe Löffler (1901-1979) describes Paris in his diary as a dazzling place of longing, which, however, regularly disappoints him. As a refugee […]

We don’t like to be called “refugees”

Docmaniacs Collective Facebook Instagram Hannah Arendt in Paris A film by Afsaneh Salari A cinematic meditation on Hannah Arendt’s Paris years as a refugee escaping Nazi Germany in 1933. A collaboration between We Refugee Archive and Docmaniacs Collective.France & Germany | 8’ | Creative Documentary Watch the trailer: Script: Afsaneh SalariCamera: Joëlle Abou ChabkéText: […]