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The Forbidden Strings participates in Qumra 2019


Our documentary feature The forbidden strings directed by Afghan director Hasan Noori and produced by Afsaneh Salari in Docmaniacs collective was selected to participate in Qumra 2019 organised by Doha Film Institute in Qatar. Qumra is an initiative that seeks to provide mentorship, nurturing, and hands-on development for filmmakers from around the world.Qumra began 15…

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The Forbidden Strings received funding from Doha Institute


Our documentary The Forbidden Strings, directed by Afghan filmmaker Hasan Noori and produced by Docmaniacs Collective member Afsaneh Salari receives Doha institute grant of fall 2018 as part of international projects funding for post-production.The goals of the Doha Film Institute Grants Programme are to identify new talent, seek out new cinematic voices and discover universally…

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