Hoda is an independent experimental filmmaker. Her passion for alternative cinema grew from her background in Avant Guard theatre, mixing physical theatre practice and classical Persian literature. Parallel to her performances, Hoda studied film editing at Soureh University, consequently attending Mohamad Reza Aslani’s Creative Documentary Filmmaking workshop for two years.

After making some short films in Iran she moved to Europe, participating in the Docnomads joint Master program offered by three film schools in Lisbon (Lusófona University), Budapest (SZFE University of Theater & Film Arts) and Brussels (Sint-Lukas).

During these latter studies, she directed three experimental shorts that forwarded alternative film structures and languages.  In these films, Hoda presents the sensorial and poetic evocation of space and mood, but elicited within a documentary context. This formal approach forges bonds between documentary and fine art, tentatively generating new experiments of ‘reality’ in documentary filmmaking.


1. Trees Die Standing, 24′, Belgium/Iran, 2016
2. Brussels -1 Partly Cloudy, 8′, Belgium, 2015
3. Dancing Like a Frozen tree, 10′, Hungary, 2014
4. Oriana, 7′, Portugal, 2013
5. My External World, 4′, Iran, 2012
6. Strolling Along The Dark Side of The Day, 6′, Iran, 2011
7. Then In The Desert I lay dead, 9′, Iran, 2008