Afsaneh Salari

In an afternoon in spring 1994, when Afsaneh was only 6 years old, her father asked her to bring him a pen. He then wrote: “I, Afsaneh, promise I will never marry and instead, devote my life to social activism .“ He then asked her to sign the paper. From that day on, the joke turned out to be a source of stress for the little girl who wanted to become an artist, but later in life, she finds herself not very far from both universes.
She discovered cinema at the Art University of Tehran, where she saw in cinematic language a powerful tool to explore layers of meaning about human condition. She was the first Iranian to win the French foreign ministry scholarship to participate in La Femis documentary course in 2011. She then studied Masters of creative directing at University of Paris 8 and in 2015, she received another masters in documentary directing through Docnomads joint masters. Through her films, Afsaneh explores human condition within the margins of modern societies: war, immigration, death and old age are topics she’s worked on so far. She’s the alumni of Berlinale Talent 2016 and IDFA Summer School 2017. For the film she directs and produces, Afsaneh has so far received funds form IDFA Bertha Fund, Sundance Institute, Doha Institute and Asian Cinema Fund.
Afsaneh’s other passions include finding the animal equivalent of her friends, singing Iranian classic songs and cooking different versions of lentil soup.


The Silhouettes, Creative Documentary
80′, Iran/The Philippines, in Post-production
Supported by Sundance Institute, Asian Cinema Fund
Developed in: Doc Station Berlinale Talent & Zagrebdox Pro

No Man’s Land, Creative Documentary, 26’, Portugal/Iran,
Best International Short Documentary Prize: Iranian International Cinema Verite, 2017, Iran
Border Competition: Concorto Film Festival, 2017, Italy
Border Competition: Lago Film Festival, 2017, Italy
Asian Women Film Festival, 2018, India
Main competition: Festival Internacional Construir Cine, Argentina, 2018

Conversion: The guid of the skin allergy treatment, Experimental, 10’, Belgium/Iran, 2015
Jury Prize: Festival International Signes de nuit, France, 2015
Green years competition: Doclisboa 2015
Main competition: International Experimental film festival “Les Inattendues”, France, 2016
Main competition: Melbourne International film festival, Australia, 2015
Cinema Verite, Iranian International Documentary Film Festival, 2015, Iran

The Room, Documentary, 12’, Portugal/Iran, 2014
Green years competition: Doclisboa 2014

Rendez-Vous, Documentary, 30’, France, 2014
Mid-length competition: Cinema Verite, Iranian International Documentary Film Festival

Madame Servante, Documentary, 20’, Iran, 2011
Jury Prize: Iranian Student Film Festival, Iran, 2011
Main competition: Tehran Short film festival, Iran, 2011
International Environment film festival, France, 2013